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Making Medicare and Health Insurance Simple for Seniors

At Seniorlife Insurance Solutions, we service Retirees in Arizona, with the education needed to make the best informed decision regarding Medicare and issues related to retirement. During a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, we will review with you the different parts of Medicare, Medicare options and rights, deadlines, and how to sign up for Medicare, as well as discuss the types of insurance programs available.

Working On Your Behalf

Learn about the different types of insurance programs that are available to people as Medicare beneficiaries and their pros and cons. We'll discuss with you if Medicare is the best option, comparing it to Group Coverage, State Retirement Plans, Pension Packages, and other scenarios. This complimentary education is key to making the best choice for your future health care. Education is power! Making a poor choice can cost you thousands of dollars, but making a great choice can save you thousands.

Happy Elderly Couple


For anyone approaching Medicare age and those who are already on Medicare, we start with an approximate one-hour complimentary in home consultation. We go over all the components of Medicare, such as your Medicare rights, being on a Group Plan versus Medicare, Advantage Plan versus a Supplemental Plan, options for the drug plan, and how we can find you the plan that suits you best. We'll show you what you can expect if you delay Medicare, how to enroll, deadlines, and the cost. Your personal representative will explain everything in a simple manner, so you can understand; and will be in your corner the entire way.

Other Products

You will always talk with a live person when you contact our office. In addition to Medicare products, we also offer:

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Christine Itami

Christine Itami